Security Policy

Information Security Policy

SB Creative Corp. (hereinafter "the Company") shall establish "Information Security Policy" and shall address information security to always gain society's trust.

From now on, the Company shall comply with both "Information Security Policy" and "Privacy Policy" which is separately stated, and makes every effort to maintain the information security management system.

Information Security Management System

The Company shall make every effort to understand the situation of information security correctly by setting "Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)" as the central function of Information Security Management System and shall act aggressively to take necessary measures promptly

Information Security measure

The Company shall identify risks regarding information security and shall take organizationally, physically, humanly, and technically appropriate measures

Advancement of information security literacy

The Company shall make the directors and employees work with information security literacy, and shall educate and enlighten them about information security continuously.

Development of internal rules for information security

The Company shall develop internal rules based on information security and shall present a clear policy about not only personal information but whole information assets. And also the Company shall notify inside and outside the company that the company has a severe attitude to divulging of information

Compliance with laws and regulations for information security

The Company shall comply with laws, governmental policies, and other regulations for information security.

Improvement / Revision of information security

The Company shall examine the management system and approach for information security and shall improve and reexamine them continuously.

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